We are looking for South Africa’s best coding wizards robot tamers math magicians dinosaur slayers coffee drinkers bug hunters dogma disruptors numberphiles gpu melters bandwidth bandits

NMRQL Research is a startup fintech company operating out of Stellenbosch, South Africa. We are looking for the brightest minds in South Africa to help us unravel the mysteries of financial markets.

It is no secret that most investment managers don’t beat their benchmarks. We believe this is because most of them think the same and act on their emotions. At NMRQL Research we think differently.

We run massive ensembles of machine learning algorithms in the cloud. These algorithms study thousands of time series to make unemotional investment decisions on behalf of our clients.

We use the same algorithms that have learnt how to play games, speak, drive cars, fly drones, detect faces, translate languages, design new fashions, caption images, and classify hot dogs.

But markets are constantly changing, so this is even harder than it sounds. We have a lifetime’s worth of research and development ahead of us and we are looking for bright minds to help us out.

We are looking for a Big Data Systems Engineer, Machine Learning Researcher, and an  Unstructured Data Scientist. For more information, keep scrolling, the deadline for applications is 28 February 2018.