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Why machine learning powered investment algorithms trump traditional methods

11 December 2017: Since news broke last week Tuesday of alleged accounting irregularities involving South Africa-based German listed retail giant Steinhoff, its share price has plummeted from R46.25 on Friday to between R6 and R7 today amidst a flurry of investor fear and panic selling. According to Stuart Reid, chief engineer at NMRQL Research (pronounced […]

How machine learning is ushering in a new data-centric investment management mindset

For more information please see our blog post, Investing in Exponential Times. Although the average consumer may not be familiar with the concept of machine learning, it’s already a big part of our daily lives. Tom Schlebusch, co-founder and CEO of NMRQL Research, a local FinTech player offering South Africa’s first machine learning powered unit […]

Investing in Exponential Times

Technology improves exponentially. In 1945 a project which cost $6,740,000 in today’s terms built the world’s first computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC). The ENIAC housed 17,468 vacuum tubes and took up an entire room. In 1971 Intel released the world’s first single-core microprocessor, the Intel 4004, which was more than 10x faster […]