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NMRQL is a quantitative investment management business based in Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Approaching Investment Differently

At NMRQL we believe that patterns repeat.

With the rise of Cloud Computing, Big & Open Data, rapidly increasing processing power, & Open Source Software we are able to source, process, analyse & interpret enormous volumes of data, in extraordinarily short periods of time, in order to discover these patterns. Once discovered, these patterns can be exploited to improve forecasts of financial asset returns.

Hindsight / Insight / Foresight

We believe that in order to accurately forecast returns you have to consider all of the drivers. We therefore use all variables whether they be quantitative, fundamental, economic or technical in order to discover and exploit repeatable patterns.


We search for statistically significant anomalies in the markets and design systematic algorithms to exploit them without the interference of behavioural biases.


We identify and exploit statistically significant technical indicators computed from historical price and volume data in order to forecast future price movements.


We analyze fundamental and economic data about the assets and markets we trade to identify bargains, manage our risk, and forecast future price movements.

Sentiment / News

We consider the mood of the crowd through sentiment indicators extracted from traditional media, social media, and various other forms of unstructured text.


We are always on the hunt for the very best talent.
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Number of Employees

R31 Million

Assets Under Management

R1 Million

Minimum Investment

Investment in the NMRQL fund is limited to qualified investors only & the minimum investment is R1 Million. Our Qualified Investors Fund is currently open for investment.

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NMRQL research (Pty) Ltd is an authorised discretionary financial services provider (FSP no. 45782)